Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What's the difference????

  1. What's the difference?
  2. You build cages for us,
  3. You build apartments for your kids.
  4. We have no place to move or play.
  5. So are your kids.
  6. You feed us, you feed them,
  7. Vitamins and minerals,
  8. In powder forms,
  9. To keep them healthy
  10. But with no exercise,
  11. In schools, no play grounds,
  12. If there, only one period in a week,
  13. And that too send them to the Library,
  14. Read,read,read, give exercise to
  15. Their minds but not to their bodies,
  16. How can you expect them to be
  17. Healthy and Strong?
  18. What games or exercises do they have?
  19. We live in cages with little freedom to move,
  20. They live in apartments,with no place to play,
  21. What's the difference?
  22. You occupy all our area,
  23. You destroy all the trees,
  24. You clean the place,
  25. Why? To grow food for you,
  26. To live yourselves only,
  27. When we come to you,
  28. You drive us back,
  29. With crackers and what not?
  30. Where will we go?
  31. Who gave you the authority
  32. To destroy the forest and our place
  33. For moving and hunting,
  34. To balance Nature.
  35. Are you clever? NO.
  36. You are worse than us.
  37. We have only 5 senses,
  38. You say you have 6 senses?
  39. What is good of that?
  40. Who asked you to increase
  41. Your population and finish us all.
  42. Allow us too to co-exist.