Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Whom to vote

For Whom to Vote
  1. Help the person who stands side by side and help to develop the area by his action and getting the co-operation of the people and give him your vote.
  1. Don' t vote for  anyone because he has many followers just by name.
  1. If he is a bachelor and has no commitments and he is really an honest person and not expecting anything flattery or bribe.
  1. If he can lead the people for a good cause, help the people for getting drinking water and remove the silt from the lakes,ponds and water-bodies. yes you can vote for him.
  1. Find the person who spends his personal money carefully and handling the bank accounts in the proper manner.
  1. Find the person who pays his all dues in time.
  1. Find the person who can spare all /most of his time for the welfare of the people in the area.
  1. Find the person who in interested in the State and in the country.
  1. Find the person who does not like many boot licking persons who come with him to have a photograph with him for personal gains.
  1. Find the person who keeps up his word at any cost. and do not give any lame excuses.
  1. Find the person who obeys the laws of the land.
  1. Find the person who comes in time for any occasion.
  1. Find the person who occupies all the time for his Speeches
  1. Find the person who will do what he promises and will not promise something which he cannot do.
  1. You have already seen and experienced such persons who are like cancer to the society.
  1. Find the person who compliment another for his good job ,action or suggestion.
  1. Find a person who knows how to conduct a meeting peacefully with good discipline.
  1. Find a person who uses his tongue or speech ,opens his mouth only after proper thinking.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Soldiers,Farmers and Fishermen.

  1. Create a fund for Soldiers.Every adhaar card holder contribute every month a sum not less. than Rs.10/- to help the soldiers living and those who give their lives for us in the borders and because of Maoists ,Naxalites and others.
  2. Create a fund for the farmers for Agriculture to grow rice,wheat and cash crops. A sum of Rs. 25/- every month and help the farmers when in disaster and when they are punished by death for their death for non-payment of bank dues and dues of moneylenders.
  3. Create  a fund for the Fishermen who risk their lives in the sea
  4. for the sake of their livelihood.Those who buy and eat fish must compensate them with a reasonable amount not less than Rs. 15 per month and to solve their problem during the lean months too.
  5. This way We can show our gratefulness and thanks to our dear brethren.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

By Hook Or Crook

  1. In one way or another  We will grab a state.
  2. Because this is our state of affairs.
  3. Doctrine of lapse/Annexation all had been taught to us by the previous rulers.
  4. We  must follow them.
  5. Whether there is any commanding leader or not nor a good administrator, we are not bothered.
  6. We have to gain our ends.
  7. Play the Divide and Rule policy.
  8. Play a good game.
  9. We will surely grab this particular state.
  10. We will find a person who is prepared to sell off.
  11. By hook or crook we will gain this state.
  12. Beat them or separate them but Gain this state.
  13. Sama/dhana/bedha/Danda. use all or any of these.
  14. This is Chanakiya's policy.
  15. We must be aggressive.
  16. We mus threaten.
  17. We must fool them.
  18. We mus grab this state.
  19. As there no commanding leader there.

Understand more I.T.Info

  1. 13/05/17, 6:39:29 AM: ‪+91 99529 75461‬: India's IT Party is over. Reinvent yourself or suffer

    *India's IT Party is over. Reinvent yourself or suffer*

    India’s  IT industry is unlikely to remain the amazing job-engine that it has been. For the past two decades, the fastest way to increase your income has been to land a job with an IT company. The industry has provided a ticket to prosperity for millions of young Indians; children of security guards, drivers, peons and cooks catapulted themselves and their families firmly into the middle class in a single generation by landing a job in a BPO. Hundreds of engineering colleges mushroomed overnight churning out over a million graduates a year to feel the insatiable demand of India’s IT factories.

    This party is coming to an end. A combination of slowing demand, rising competition and technological change means that companies will hire far fewer people. And this is not a temporary blip- this is the new normal. Wipro’s CEO has bravely admitted that automation can displace a third of all jobs within three years while Infosys CEO Sikka aims to increase revenue per employee by 50%. Even NASSCOM, the chronically optimistic industry association, admits that companies will hire far fewer people.  Not only will the lines of new graduate waiting for job offers grow rapidly longer every year, but so too will the lines of the newly unemployed as all companies focus more on utilization, employee productivity and performance. Employees doing tasks that can be automated, the armies of middle managers who supervise them and all those with mediocre performance reviews and without hot skills are living on borrowed time.

    So what do you do if you are a member of these endangered species? What constitutes good career advice in these times? I’d say that the first thing is to embrace reality and recognize that the game has changed for good. The worst thing to do is be wishful and wait for the good times to return. They won’t. But there’re still lots of opportunities. What’s happening in the industry is ‘creative destruction”. New technologies are destroying old jobs but creating many new ones. There is an insatiable demand for developers of mobile and web applications. For data engineers and scientists. For cyber security expertise. So for anyone who is a quick learner, anyone with real expertise, there will be abundant opportunities.

    There has also never been a better time for anyone with an iota of entrepreneurial instinct.  India is still a supply constrained economy and so there is room to start every kind of business: beauty parlour,  bakery, catering, car-washing, mobile/electronics repair, laundry, housekeeping, tailoring. For entrepreneurs with a social conscience, there is a massive need for social enterprises that deliver affordable healthcare, education and financial services. Not only are there abundant opportunities but startups are “in” and there is no shame at all in failure.  The ranks of Angel investors is swelling and it has never been so easy to get funded. There is even a website www.deasra.in that provides step by step instructions to would-be entrepreneurs.

    For those who prefer a good old-fashioned job, there are abundant jobs in old economy companies which are struggling to find every kind of talent- accountants, manufacturing and service engineers, salesreps.  Technology is enabling the emergence of new ‘sharing services” such as Uber or Ola that enable lucrative self-employment; it is not uncommon to find cab drivers who make 30-40,000  rupees/month.

    My main point should be clear. While India may have a big challenge overall in creating enough jobs  for its youthful population, at the individual level, there is no shortage of opportunities. The most important thing is a positive attitude. The IT boom was a tide that lifted all boats- even the most mediocre ones. However, this has bred an entitlement mentality and a lot of mediocrity. To prosper in the new world, two things will really matter. The first is the right attitude. This means a hunger to succeed. Being proactive in seeking opportunities not waiting either till you are fired or for something to drop into your lap . A willingness to take risks and the tenacity to work hard and make something a success. Humility. Frugality.  The second is the ability to try and learn new things. The rate of change in our world is astonishing; whatever skills we have will largely be irrelevant in a decade. People are also living much longer. So the ability to learn new things, develop new competencies and periodically reinvent ourselves is a crucial one. Sadly too many of us have no curiosity and no interest in reading nor learning. The future will not be kind to such people.

    “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die.”- Friedrich Nietzsche

    (First published as an opinion piece in Times of India)

    India's IT Party is over. Reinvent yourself or suffer