Sunday, May 14, 2017

By Hook Or Crook

  1. In one way or another  We will grab a state.
  2. Because this is our state of affairs.
  3. Doctrine of lapse/Annexation all had been taught to us by the previous rulers.
  4. We  must follow them.
  5. Whether there is any commanding leader or not nor a good administrator, we are not bothered.
  6. We have to gain our ends.
  7. Play the Divide and Rule policy.
  8. Play a good game.
  9. We will surely grab this particular state.
  10. We will find a person who is prepared to sell off.
  11. By hook or crook we will gain this state.
  12. Beat them or separate them but Gain this state.
  13. Sama/dhana/bedha/Danda. use all or any of these.
  14. This is Chanakiya's policy.
  15. We must be aggressive.
  16. We mus threaten.
  17. We must fool them.
  18. We mus grab this state.
  19. As there no commanding leader there.