Monday, May 15, 2017

Soldiers,Farmers and Fishermen.

  1. Create a fund for Soldiers.Every adhaar card holder contribute every month a sum not less. than Rs.10/- to help the soldiers living and those who give their lives for us in the borders and because of Maoists ,Naxalites and others.
  2. Create a fund for the farmers for Agriculture to grow rice,wheat and cash crops. A sum of Rs. 25/- every month and help the farmers when in disaster and when they are punished by death for their death for non-payment of bank dues and dues of moneylenders.
  3. Create  a fund for the Fishermen who risk their lives in the sea
  4. for the sake of their livelihood.Those who buy and eat fish must compensate them with a reasonable amount not less than Rs. 15 per month and to solve their problem during the lean months too.
  5. This way We can show our gratefulness and thanks to our dear brethren.